Ice Cream Shops to Try Out in Tallahassee

By Amy Marcos | Photo: David Calavera

With the dog days of summer arriving quicker than you think, only one food can seem to make the heat a little more bearable: ice cream. Fortunately for Tallahassee residents, the city has numerous locally-owned, delicious ice cream shops all over town. Check out this list of ice cream shops to try out this summer.

Lofty Pursuits — A Tallahassee foodie staple, Lofty Pursuits, affectionately called “Lofty,” is an old-fashioned soda and ice cream shop located in Market Square. First opened in 1993 as a small skill toy shop, over the years, Lofty has become a classic Tallahassee ice cream stop. In addition to ice cream, they make and serve candy and brunch items. 

(Photo: Lofty Pursuits)

Barb’s Southern Style Gourmet — This gourmet ice cream and brittle shop, located at The Cottages at Lake Ella, sells yummy, homemade, popular “brittle ice creams.” Most known for their special brittles, Barb’s Southern Style Gourmet also sells cookies and gift baskets. 

(Photo: Barb’s Southern Style Gourmet)

Sugar Rush Bar — Sugar Rush Bar, located in the All Saints district, is Tallahassee’s first milkshake bar. Serving ice cream, milkshakes, candy, and other tasty desserts, Sugar Rush Bar is known for its whimsy, over-the-top, handcrafted milkshakes. 

N2 Sweets — N2 Sweets, a newer addition to the ice cream scene, serves nitrogen ice cream, coffee, and donuts. With unique ice cream flavors, plentiful ice cream toppings, and Lucky Goat coffee on hand, N2 Sweets has become a hot spot for ice cream lovers in town. 

(Photo: N2 Sweets)

Magda’s — This ice cream shop, located in the heart of Collegetown, sells yummy ice cream, sweets, and coffee and is the perfect place to stop in for a quick sweet treat. With handmade waffle cones, unique toppings like cold brew brownie bites and fruity pebbles, and breakfast items available, all ice cream lovers should check out this shop.

(Photo: Magda’s)

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