Humans of New York Founder to Speak at FSU on September 10

By Cristi McKee | Photo: Club Downunder / Union Productions

As part of Florida State University’s Golden Tribe Lecture Series, the founder of Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton, will be speaking at Ruby Diamond Auditorium on September 10th at 6:00 p.m.

The night, hosted by Club Downunder / Union Productions, will revolve around Stanton as he “candidly shares his own personal story, and the perspective he has gained since embarking on his journey to help others tell theirs.”

Stanton is known as one of today’s “most influential storytellers” on the internet, and has risen to international fame through his street portrait series on social media. Humans of New York, which launched in 2010, focuses on capturing the stories of individuals that Stanton comes across in his daily life on the streets of New York.

Admission to this event is free for all FSU students with a valid student ID, and tickets for general admission are priced at $50, and can be found here. You can share with friends and RSVP to the event on Facebook, here.

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